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3D at night

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Just got done doing some killer night flying with my foamy bipe :) If any of ya'll have not tried night flying with your foamies, you need too... A few bucks worth of LEDs, some magnet wire, and a few resistors and you will be able to fly anytime, day or night.

Gotta have one on the rudder pointing back for tail touches. Its so awsome to watch the little circle of light get smaller and smaller and then get blocked out for a split second as it touches the ground. Snaps and spins are almost as good as fireworks.

I can't beleive I went so long without putting lights on one of my bipes.
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I haven't put lights on mine, but It's been fun playing under/around the street lights and night.
Yup, I guess that would be a lot easier. I live a few miles out of the city limits, and have open fields within walking distance, so LEDs are actually easier for me.

Lights also screw with peoples minds. Sometimes cars will stop and watch when my friend flys his. I wonder how many are thinking Oh shit I hope them aliens don't probe me.
may be easy for your ass to hover at nite in the damn dark mikey, but for some of us, it is damn hard!

you finish my stuff yet?

speaking oif LED's did you get the popfly done?
Hey Birdie

I misplaced the damn white LEDs... I should find them today, since I have a lot of packing to do and should run across them. All that remains for the LEDs are the two inside bays on both wings, and then I can cover.

You got my vids converted yet?
ahhh...hell..i knew there was sumthin i was furgettin...i will get them done straight away for you brutha...

you want me to upload them to the server wheni am done?i don't have a dvd burner, but i can put them on cd as a .wmf file...
can you put them on my site?
sure..i will post them as soon as they are compressed and titled and stuff..the editing won't take long...

you need to get me some music to put them to if there is none recorded with the "action"...
Like what? my cd collection is pretty limited, but I'll see what I can find.
3rd night of night flying in a row :D tonight there was no moon that I could tell, and my plane seemed really bright. I could light up a nice chunk of ground below me. Winds have been strong all day, but it was damn near dead calm tonight.

fuck the sun :twisted:
This sounds like something we need to do for Nashville.
Can we get a couple of pics and some tips of the setup? I would like to do the same with my shocky? And well unfortunately I do not know anything about electrics. Just a quick newbie guide to making the harness would be awesome?
mikey makes it look is the hardest thing i ever tried to do...i am too stupid to keep orientation in pitch black in a hover...lights or no...

last nite one of the guys planes flew away with the wind becasue he lost orientation..i hear they looked for 2 hours and never found it...over $200 tied up in that brushless little bastard..!
This thread has a great explanation(better than I could do) ... t=lighting

If you stil have questions, I'll do my best to help.
who lost what plane Birdie?
Thanks! That little thread on the stuff was very informative. Only thing is I don't know jack shite of what they were talking about. Maybe if I can find a place which actually sells LEDs I can see what is written on them and figure things out. Thanks. It's going to take me a couple of months to have a freaking clue what their talking about but i'm sure I can figure out this one. Well not too sure :lol: :lol:
I'll try to simplify

First, try to find 5volt LEDs. That will eliminate the math part. 4-5volts is probably close enough. Then you will need magnet wire. Radio Shack(not sure if they have radio shacks in South Africa) carries a 3 pack of 30, 26 and 22 guage. The 30 works best. You will have to scrape the enamel off the end where you will be soldering the led legs to. The longer leg is the + one and the shorter one is the - one. Tin the ends of the wire where you scraped the enamel off and tin the ends of the LED legs. Solder a length of wire to each one long enough to make it to your receiver. After you have all the leds soldered to there leads, join all the + leads to each other at the receiver end, scrape the enamel off, tin the ends, and the solder them together. repeat with the - wires. You will need a servo extension or a Y connector, depending on if you have a spare plug in you receiver.

If you have an extra channel on you RX or a battery port, just take a servo plug, solder the + led leads to the middle wire, and the - to the black wire, then plug it into your rx, and it will get its power from the BEC. The signal wire will not be used. You can pull it out of the connector casing, or just tape up the end.

If you don't have a spare channel, take a Y connector, and cut off one of the plugs that the servo would plug into. and solder the + led leads to the red wire, and the - to the black wire. Unplug any servo, plug the Y connecter where it was and a plug the servo you just pulled into the uncut servo plug on the Y connector. Tape up the unused signal wire on the light side of the Y connector.

hope that helped.

magnet wire ... d=278-1345


Edit: forgot to mention to heat shrink all solder joints, or tape them up so nothing shorts out and causes you plane to fall out of the sky.
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Scweet, now that calculates much better! Radio shack in South africa? Highly unlikely. Loads of shacks but nothing to do with radio or electronics. :lol: Thanks alot, I'll have to get my butt in gear and get the harness going for the world wide mass hover as i'm gonna be in mother nature at that time and will need something to light up my life. I have never heard of the magnet wire but i'll do some driving around on friday afternoon to search for the stuff. LED's should be easy to find. Dunno if i'm going to be able to find the right voltage but it might be possible. One last Q though? What are the chances of me actually frying my RX? I mean I will always make sure everything is isolated but putting too many Leds or something won't hurt it right?

Once again thank you very much for taking the time to type that whole thing out! Appreciate it! I'll be sure to get some pics if I have success!
hey Mikey...Gary was flying over at Connally's house and the wind got him and he got disoriented and lost a complete brushless JAR to the swamp creek or maybe on roof of high school..anywyas...the havenot found it yet as far as i know...
I definetly is harder. My depth perseption gets screwed up. Last night I was flying harrier circles around the tree in my front yard and I ran right into it. My first though was, damn....that tree just moved over 3 feet! :roll:
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