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3004 or S3151 Servos ???

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Hi, I am going to buy some new servos to put to my MOJO and i was thinking of the S3151 servos, have someone used them? Or should i go with the 3004. Which servos is everyone using?(Is there a topic on this subject?)

Thanks Marcelo
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Digitals have definite performance advantages over analog servos so if you can afford to use the S3151s then go for it. At $38 a pop they seem to be reasonable value but 43 oz/ins may be a bit weak for rudder.

Another option is the Hitec HS5475 which is quiet a bit gruntier at 61 oz/ins and is also cheaper at $35. I'm running a couple of these on the ailerons of my Katana P (with two HS5925s on the tail) and they seem real nice. The Hitec 5475s also use Hitec's "Karbonite" geartrain which is supposed to be stronger than nylon.

But, from what I've read here, plain old ball-bearing analog servos (like the S3004) are just fine and dandy in a 40-sized funfly profile so go figure.
I don't like the 3004 servos, they are a little on the weak side. Haven't used any of the 3151's, but have you looked at the Fut 3010's, they have 70 oz/in and are 25.00 each. I have these on a Kantana P and they work great.
I have 3004s in a plane an they seem to work fine. Although Im guessing its a little weak on the rudder. If you dont have the money get a cheap servo an have fun on the other hand if you got cash to burn get a good digital an have fun. :D
Thanks a lot for the replies, i was thinking of ordering the 7 caf radio , the one that comes with 4 3004 servos costs $250 and the one that comes with 4 S3151 cost $265 so i think i will go with this one ... GAF0**&P=0
I have the set up you are looking at. I really like the radio but as far as the servos go they are not good for a 3d style plane. The problem that I ran into was when trying to get 3d throws the servos could not put out the torque to hold the surface. at low rates and on my dad's 4* that they are now in there is not a problem. when deflecting the surface on high rate you could softly push it back down with little resistance from the servo. guess it could have been a set up error but they cam off quickley and are doing great in the 4*

just my $0.02
Wow, guess I dodged the bullet. I just bought a full set of digitals for the Katana 70, and I almost bought the Futabas. I looked at the difference in the Tourque, and went with the Hitecs, which I have had 2 of already and they have been great.

The other thing about the Hitecs is they are programable. Never needed it but it's nice to know.

Tonight I had a flame out in a hover, 6 feet up. (First ever with this particualar Saito .91) It fell right directly on the rudded, actually broke the clevis. I'm convinced the resin gears in the average servo would have broke.

Anyway, I like 'em.
:shock: I almost oedered the radio with thoes servos, should i order the one with 3004 servos? Which other servos are u using on your profiles?

I use a variety.

I've used HS425's, S148's, Expert 571's, Hitec 475's, HS225MG, HS225's and several others.

I have a couple of 3010's for another bird which hasn't made it to the air yet.

Out of all of these servos, the ones I would NOT recommend are the HS225 series. The nylon gear versions strip easily, and both versions eat motors.

I've got HS425's that I've beat the crap out of and they still work. The same is true so far, for the Expert 571's and the Hitec 475's.

Check out the 571's. They have a torque rating of 62 oz. in. and are cheap at around $20. I paid $18 each at the LHS for the two I bought. I don't have a lot of time with them yet, but they have a good rep amongst the combat flyers.

The only Futaba digitals I have experience with are the 9252 and 9253's which are on my chopper and I have absolutely no complaints about either of them.

I've seen too many "unexplained" problems with the Hitec digitals to totally trust them. For a profile, I'm OK with them, but if I'm going to have some $$$ in the air, then you might as well buy the better servos. Just my 2 cents.
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The Hitec digitals tend to draw very high current levels for brief periods of time when starting/stopping or when heavily loaded. If you use anything but the best heavy-duty extensions, or have a battery pack that doesn't hold up under this kind of load, the servos can actually reboot when the voltage drops below about 3.6V or so.

Some of the Hitec servos take well over 1.5 seconds to perform a full reboot and during that time they do not respond to signal inputs.

This means that if you use too small a capacity battery pack (or one that's nearly exhausted), or poor-quality extensions, you can find that under sudden and heavy loads (such as you might find in high-G 3D flying), one or more of the servos suddenly reboot - causing a temporary loss of control.

If you're high enough you'll get away with it -- if not then -- well you know the result :)

I suspect that the longer reboot time of the Hitec servos is related to the fact that they're programmable.

After discovering this, I wouldn't be too keen to use one of those 4-cell AAA NiMH receiver packs either (although 5-cells might be okay).

Right now I'm using a 4-cell 1850mAH 2/3A pack with 2 HS5475s, 2 HS5925s and an HS225MG and 20 guage extensions without any problems in my Katana P.

So long as you know the factors affecting reboots and take care to minimize the risks, you should have no problems with Hitec digitals though.
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Marcelo said:
:shock: I almost oedered the radio with thoes servos, should i order the one with 3004 servos? Which other servos are u using on your profiles?

I tend to use whatevers cheap an I have laying around. Futaba 3004 Hitec 422, 635 Jr 507, 537 etc. Ive always had good luck out of cheap servos, I know some ppl have trouble with cheapos, but so far so good. Maybe they are so much better flyers they abuse theres more. :idea: :D
Wow good info!!!!! Thanks for all the help. :tu:
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