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2nd 1st flight

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Well with a MOJO on the way i decided to finish some projects the big one being repairing my Burrito after my fatal radio melt down on first flight. just got back from the field and even with a not so good repair job this thing is sweet tail touchs on first flight and inverted harrier rudder dragging as well. No in fligh pics for some reason no goes to the field at 10 but ohh well here are some of the destroyed wing and the renewed Burrito


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Looks like the repair came out pretty good... You're becoming a regular balsa building maniac!!!
Wait til you see him fly!! :D
thanks Paul but it is the awsome design that made this possiable. Auger I am tryin but you still got me beat.
Ohh by the way came home from some more Burrito action (love the Harriers) and what was on my door step
sad thing is I have to go to work but Toinght I start the Build OHHHH YEaH I am excited about this plane.
edge540flyer said:
Auger I am tryin but you still got me beat.
Dude if your doing inverted rudder drags then Auger definately doesnt have you beat! Have you seen that guy fly? :wink: :lol: :wink:
well, no comment about Augers 3D capabiliteies but he sure got some Monster bad azz electric profiles there. They kinda want me to make sell al my gow shtuff and only fly gassers and electrics. :wink: 8)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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