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The 2022 Eldon MO Probro is scheduled for Friday September 9th and Saturday September 10th. This is the 17th annual Eldon Probro. Early birds are welcome to arrive and camp on Thursday. (Sunday will be a normal flying day and you're welcome to stay and fly with the rest of the Eldon club members.)

The $25 pilot fee includes dinner on Friday, and lunch and dinner on Saturday, plus all of the bottled water you can drink. Pilot fee also covers water on Friday.

Non pilots eat for $5.00. Spouses eat free that bring tasty food to share for Saturday.

Friday dinner will be some good food. Saturday lunch will be some even better food. Saturday dinner will be some great food.

Lights will be provided to fly until midnight on Friday and Saturday. Maybe even Thursday night just to test them out.

A raffle will be held late Saturday afternoon. The grand prize will be something worth buying lots of raffle tickets because you can't live without it. Other raffle prizes will also be available.

Camping on the field is allowed, but no electricity is available. Bring your own generator if you need AC power.

For those wanting a motel instead,here's a google map of the three main motels in Eldon. Maybe some of the bros that have stayed in them can post their comments about which one is best.

Here's a google map showing the location of the Eldon RC flying field.
Just type in your location into the first box to get directions from anywhere.

Hope to see you there!

Pilot List
1. McDDD (fri, sat)
2. Crash99 (fri, sat)
3. NoYes (fri, sat)
4. Mike McFarland (fri, sat)
5. Cartman (almost long enough to claim Miller County residency)
6. Allout3D (fri, sat)

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I will be there for an extended stay

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Cartman Rocks! He even came up to our ProBro's way up in Green Bay WI
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