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2 YS 45 fs***SOLD***

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Both run good one needs a front bearing, These have been very good motors for me I just find that I am not using them so if someone needs a good motor I will make you a good deal.

Both motors $60.00 I will cover shipping.

I can post a pic if someone is interested.
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2 motors = $60.00
I sent you a PM, but I'll take em' both.
I would love them if he didnt take them. Would you sell one to me? Im desperate!
Holy crap...shouldn't have went to the gum. I'll be 3rd.
Hey Scole....if you're really desperate Lomvevak1 has a motor to give away to a worthy recipient. It's an MVVS .49 or something like that.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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