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2-Strokes for sale....

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I've got a SuperTigre G-51 ringed engine with about a gallon of fuel through it, and an Evolution .46 with maybe 2 gallons through it. The SuperTigre needs a muffler... Mac's pipe is 35 bucks and would make this thing really scream the evolution is works great, needs nothing..but a Tower muffler will bolt right on, if you want. Willing to sell one or both to help fund a Saito .72 . Or trade? All reasonable offers considered....
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OK fine, then. I'll just keep 'em. Actually a friend of mine (non- flyer) has a son that wants a plane and club membership for Christmas. He was talking about spending $150 for some electric rig, told him I'd set him up with a trainer for that price. Got another friend that offered me all his old R/C stuff, since he never actually got around to flying any of it. I'll finish the Ace Whiz and put the Evo on it for the kid , get the pipe for the .51 and put it on the Burrito, 'till I can get that Saito :D
I don't think a tower muffler will bolt to a supertigre engine. Unless they changed the bolt pattern when ST mover to China?
The Tower muffler will fit the Evolution, Got the Mac's Pipe ordered for the SuperTigre 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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