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1000 mile stare

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Did some looking at rcu but could not find the complete story behind the 1000 mile stare.

give me "the rest of the story"

Scott B
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It was just the way Billy posed for his first ever pic with a Profile, best I can remember. Then everybody took their pic in the same pose, just to copy (or mock?? :D ) Billy's pose.
You can find out about the 1000 mile stare in The Profile Brotherhood History forum. The complete RCU thread is titled "Ode To Billy Hell", if it is still available.
The short version is that in college I was a land surveyor. I worked with a Vietnam vet that did 3 tours. He would often get that look and the other vet would say. Look, he's got that 1,000 mile stare. When my picture was taken with the profile for that first picture I was actually thinking, "I should do the 1,000 mile stare". And then Gator made his post and BANG 1,000 guys are haning together.
well I guess that soon you can see my 1000 mile stare. I'm sure I can put up a good one. Ever been to a Grateful Dead concert? I've seen many, if you know what I mean!

Scott B
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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