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$10 brushless outrunner?

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A guy in our club just came back from the neat fair, and had a bunch of $10 brushless motors you had to assemble yourself, made from a CD ROM motor. Said they were from, but the site is down. I bought one firguring what the hell, but now I'm wondering what if anything it's goor for. Think one of these would power a shocky adequately? Are they a joke, or a decent motor? Thanks!
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Should be a Shocky motor..

mfeuily that posts here is a CD ROM motor guy, I bet he knows more about them
A local guy has made some of those from that website. He says they work well on the foamies.
Thanks guys.
Yea I know a guy that runs one of these on a great. It does spin a rather small prop though.
If its the 22.7mm stator, wind with around 20 turns of 26AWG wired in star. If it came with wire, its probably around that size, but could be the multi colored "newbie wire" that has a really thick enamel coating. If so, you may only be able to fit around 17 turns. It should still fly well. I would recomend an 8X4 GWS HD prop, and 2 or 3s 340-700mah lipos.

I built a couple of these motors recently. I managed 23 turns of 26AWG(Radio Shack green magnet wire with really thin enamel). I used N50 magnets (kit probly came with N45, which work well too). They would spin up to a 9" GWS HD prop without over heating on 2s. These motors went to a friend. He put them in a mini Tribute, and a sorta Tensor. He has some really good vids of them on his site ( ), but he has exceeded his bandwidth limit.

Not rocket vertical on a shocky, unless you push it hard(OK to do with a $10 motor :D ), but its light, and makes a great indoor motor.

I never put the ones I built on a thrust stand, But I think 12+oz is possible.

If you have any ?s while building it, post here and I'll try to help.
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Went to the GB site, and found this. If thats what you have, then its definetly the newbie wire and N45s.
Thanks MFeuilly! Yep, that's the one I got. I think I've got some RS green wire, will give it a shot and post results.
The RS stuff has the thinnest insulation. Its easier to damage the enamel, but you can fit the most turns with it. The GB stators are well insulated, so it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm going to get some of the non newbie GB wire and try it out. It shouldn't be too far off from the RS stuff, but can be had in 24 and 28AWG.
I think someone told me they have a slightly larger one too? That would work better on a slightly larger plane. Anybody tried one of those?
I haven't followed it much lately, but I was suscribed to a few threads where guys were starting to work with hard drive motors to get into bigger planes. If that works out I might have to try one. I've got a box of hard drives around here someplace, and we have a box of them at work. Used to have 3 or 4 boxes but they got tossed.

They were also going to try some from old 5 1/4 floppy disk drives.
How hard is it to glue all those magnets in there. The one I looked at looked like it could be a real chore.
Go brushless has a custom machined bell that can fit 2mm magnets. It would be better suited for a shocky I've got one and am thinking of getting another shocky for it. They're sold out of the custom bells right now though.

They also have a 25mm stator, but they haven't got the custom bells for them yet.

HDs and floppy drive motors almost always require machining custom bells, and most I have seen are a little big for a Shocky.

Getting the magnets evenly spaced can be a pain.
It's alive!!! Was a PITA to wind the stator, but other than that, a piece of cake. Got 22 turns of the RS 26 guage green wire on it. No load spooled it up last night on a 3 cell 1100 pack, and it ran great. It'll stutter a very slight amount about 1 out of 4 times starting, much better than my Hi-max's, and transitions very smoothly through the full power range. Got one very small rub that didn't cause a problem, it's from one slightly loose wire. Can I use a small amount of epoxy to hold it down? Looking forward to finding out what it spins a prop at. 8 x 4.7 a good start? 2 cells, or 3? Thanks for the help!!
Just for you quicker :)


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let us know how it flys your shocky
i would like to put in that $10 is misleading. ITS A MONEY HOLE, these neat little things.

its so much fun to have someone ask "is that brushless? who makes that motor?" "oh, well I put it together myself."

WOW, nice job! That's a clean build.
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