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$10 brushless outrunner part 2

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In Nashvegas, TPStorey showed me the little $10 kit from and peaked my attention. Then after seeing Nubel's plane in that video I posted (which was running on a small cd rom motor) and a couple other things, I decided to build one...

I ordered the kit from them with the ballbearing upgrade, the machined aluminum can with flux ring and a Phoenix $10 controller. All for about $80.

I built the motor last night, but it would not run... I had wound it incorrectly. You really have to follow the pattern correctly or it just 'jingles' at you. Well finally, this morning, I tore it down (5mins) and rewound it (30 mins) and voila, I have a little brushless outrunner that really sings!

I have a design my wife did (yes my wife has designed a plane or two) that I'm going to do up in Depron after I size it appropriately for the little motor.

I really don't know if this thing is going to be worth a crap yet, but it feels really strong on the 3cell250mahs I have...
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I'm glad to see you post this. I just recieved 2 GBv 1.1 kits in the mail yesterday. I'll probably start building them soon. Did you just use the tutorial on the GB website? I think they could have cut out the fat on that thing and shortened it up quite a bit....but I have a bit more reading to do. If they work out...I'll be using them in little foamies for indoor.
Well, today was an adventure...

I thought the motor ran well early this morning, but when I propped it like I was going to in its intended application, it stuttered, ran like crap and got hot.....

I was pretty frustrated. :x

I went to Ezone and read a bunch of threads about why it was not running right, and found that the guy that wrote the GoBrushless assembly manual lived 5 minutes from my house... After a short call, I was at his shop checkin out his cool hotrod CD rom motors. He looked my motor over and immediately found that I had used the wrong magnets and that made the gap between the rotor and the bell too big to run past a certain RPM.....

When I got home, I installed the thicker magnets he sent me home with, and straightened my wobbling bell.... and Now, I have a motor that I could install on a plane and fly it... I did order components to build a new better, more efficient one per his 'recipe'....

What did I learn...?

Build a couple of the stock can motors first out of the kits.... don't try to build a fancy motor with the custom cans on the first try.... the stock can is dirt cheap, and the experience of building it is more than worth it.... When you want a fancy can (which is a little more efficient), you can just slide the stock can out and slide the fancy one in....

Accuracy makes a big difference... The motor that I finally got running right still starts to bog a little bit at 80% throttle, and I think that is because my magnet spacing is not perfect....

It pays to make a couple of small jigs from scrap hardwood to help with pressing the motor shaft into place on the bell...

Take your time... It only took me 3 hours to completely rebuild the motor 3 times, when doing it right once would have taken just 2 hours... :roll:

I'll post some pics if I can get a chance...
Now I can't wait to get the new parts to build a realy nice one...
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Sounds great.....this is why I didnt order the parts for one....I was afraid it was a little more involved then 10 bucks of parts. Much easier to let someone else break ground instead. :D
I am so stoked I can't stand it...... :D

I was really frustrated the past couple of days. I built a simple thrust rig for my electric motors to test how much static thrust they are putting out. All of my best winds on the motor turned out 7ozs of thrust at best.... Big frustration..... this thing was not going to hover anything.

I ordered the stuff to do another one, and a 450mah 3s lipo from

I decided to try the high output 450mah battery on the motor, and it was a friggin revelation. Plugged everything up, zeroed out the scale and started advancing the throttle. At half throttle, I was already putting out 8ozs of thrust. By full throttle, I was putting out a full 16ozs of thrust!!!!!!!!!!!!! It quickly settled down to about 13.5 consistent ounces of thrust. This was all with a 7-3.5 gws dd prop.

I found out that the other 250mah 3s I was running was putting out about 5 amps at best and stalling the motor out at a little past half throttle.

The coolest thing is that the battery, motor, and all radio gear only weigh 3.1 ozs..... With a 2-3 oz airframe, I will be over 2.1 to 1 thrust ratio!!!!! Yee haw! :D :D :D :) :) :eek: :eek:

One other thing of note- I got a 'wobbly' prop saver hub from This thing is great! Its precise, and lets the prop flex on the hub in the event of a crash or landing...

Now, I gotta build something for this dern motor!!!!!! woohoo (sorry, I'm really excited... at least you can't see me jumping up and down in my shop..... :shock: )
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Is it too much for the Mini-Edgeling??
Now that would be cool..... The Micro Edgeling weighs 1.3ozs, and this motor is putting out 13ozs of thrust... 10 to 1, now that would kick azzz..

I'm thinkin I'm gonna build some foamies for these motors first to learn their characteristics and how they run, but then I would like to do a smaller built-up version of something for these CD-rom motors... It could be a Mini Edgeling - halfway between the Micro and the normal Edgeling...
Hey, Jeremy, this is great news! I still haven't put mine together. Still mostly building for money, and finishing my Burrito. Man, I'm slow.

After also reading a lot, I found this website that has magnet spacers:
Wonder how helpful they are?

I hope to eventually create a motor that works well for a Shockflyer.

Wish I could retire now. How else am I going to get all this done before I die? :roll:
check out this guys mini foamy with a 15gram cdrom motor cool video of him doing 3d in the basement, no its not the kid with the shocky
rcgroups :D
Tim, you are the one who got me goin on this stuff, so you better get one built! I have talked with Don Armstrong ( I am about to build a second motor with magnets from him. They should be here tomorrow. I have not tried one of his magnet spacers as it only works on stock can motors...

Spastic, that thread is the 'other thing' I mentioned above that got me lookin' at CD Rom motors... the vid is really cool. Frankly, my foamies are going to be loosly based on his measurements as I know they work....
Yup, thats a great video. My knuffel is almost finished. I will be using a Go Brushless 20mm that should weigh around 1/2oz. I'm working on a freak double turn. I wound it once with 28 turns of 30AWG really neatly. That took up about half the available space for wire. I will wind another 28 turns on top of that, and wire it all up in parallel. Should be a lot neater than the usual two strands at once double turn.

Its really awsome to see other Bros building these things too.
I'm working on a freak double turn. I wound it once with 28 turns of 30AWG really neatly. That took up about half the available space for wire. I will wind another 28 turns on top of that, and wire it all up in parallel. Should be a lot neater than the usual two strands at once double turn.
have you seen this done before, your way?
nope.... I'm not even sure it will work. I can't think of any reason it wont, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Its kind of just an experiment, but its extremely tedious. I also thought about winding 56 turns of single 30, and connecting the poles of each phase in parallel. A guy did that succesfully on Ezone.
OK Mike, now I'm feeling very 'not worthyyyyy!!!!'

Do my perf #'s sound like what you think I should have expected from this recipe?

By doing that wind, are you looking for a torque increase and amperage decrease? I felt pretty lucky to successfully get 18 turns per tooth of 26awg!!!
13.5-16oz sounds good. Do you know what kind of current you were pulling?

I'm looking for a torque increase so I can swing a bigger prop for the same amperage.

Some of the wire Go Brushless (newbie wire) sells has a really thick enamel. You can't get as many turns as regular wire of the same guage. Radio Shack wire has the thinnest enamel. Its easier to damage the wire's insulation, but the Go Brushless stators are very well isulated. With Radio Shack wire, I was able to fit 26 turns of 26 guage.
What kind of performance can I expect from the GBv1 kit with 20t? I'm hoping it'll 3D a 6 oz foamy.
6ozs shouldn't be a problem. Pobably a 1.5:1 thust to weight
I took a few pictures of my current cdrom projects


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It came out at 16 grams with some flat carbon mounting sticks


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