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1% r/c Decals

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Is there anyone that can make me some decals that are similar to the one BH posted on the site?


John Wells
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I can have them made up. I just need enough orders to do it. I can add it to the list of pre-orders and when we get enough I can have them made.
I think stratcat may be working on these.
Hey there

I will be happy to make some stickers.
All I need is for Billy to send me a high quality image of our logos preferably a jif .
Let me know, Billy

My paypal account is fired up and ready to go. I've got two Sledges that are begging for decals!

Well I have sent pms to PB#1 Billy but he has not replied yet. I am not sure why. He's probably tied up. I would like some kind of reply. I would also like to know if they would have a problem with me making some for other members. The way I see it all we are trying to do is advertise for the group. This can not hurt membership and support. I didn't ask about the little wing size stickers. I would like to make some that are 10X14 apx. with (PRO BRO # ??? ) under the logo. I would like to have one for myself and Jeff W. has asked about them.

I'll Post the answer when I hear it

I am working on this right now. I'll report back when I know something.
When I say I'm working on this I mean I am having stickers cut. I should have product to show you guys in a day or so.
Kick butt BH!!! Can't wait to get some.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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