PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:13 pm

Well i got to fly it "balanced" yesterday and I couldn't tell a bit of difference neither in performance or its tendancy to snap out of loops and inverted. If anything it might have been worse when inverted but i know its balanced laterally. It could use another 1/4 oz maybe but not enough to matter because it was way off before.

So I'm going to stick with nimh batts and Goto a stick 6v 1600mah and ballance it laterally with it zip tied to the spar/sheer web out on the wing about the servo bay so I can access it through there. Ill save that oz and get more torque and more flights between charge. If I went with life's now I'd still need that oz on the tip and have to put the battery as far out as possible too.

Dayum I hate fine tuning planes!! That y I love slabs. If its half way strait and half way balanced it'll fly great. (Best if setup perfectly of course but fine enough if it isn't) but this tiny wing is a real pita!
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