Windows7Classic veiw + Office?

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Windows7Classic veiw + Office?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:51 pm

I have recently received a new PC going from XP to Windows 7, I find it extremely challenging to transition from title bar menus to ICON based to navigate options. Is there a classic feel to windows or a backwards version of office to get back too non icons?
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Re: Windows7Classic veiw + Office?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:03 pm

I have windows 7 and it displays icons with a definition . Did you do a clean install and format the drive or an upgrade ?

Im thinking if your in the control panel and just have icons look in the upper right of the screen . You want to switch this view to "by Category" . That will give you definitions .
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